Atlas Copco TEX09PE

Working with renovation and demolition means you have to handle tricky working positions, sometimes working in overhead positions and often working in confined spaces. To get things done in time and on money, we have created the TEX PS hammers. They are no-fuss tools with the high-impact frequency that lets you do everything from chipping and scaling jobs.
The smallest models, such as TEX 03 PS and TEX 05 P, are light enough even for overhead work and help you get in close behind pillars and under stairs when doing renovation work. Larger models such as the TEX 09 PS, 10 PS and 12 PS are the Swiss army knifes of pneumatic hammers, designed to handle everything from soft/medium materials like a brick to tough concrete.


The air cushion system has basically removed metal-to-metal contacts. The piston only turns on air cushions at both ends of the cylinder.

Save you ears

The effective silencer makes work easier. All our products meet the European noise emission directive.

Easy tool change

A kick latch retainer is perfect when you need fast and frequent tool changes.

The shank you need

The TEX 12 PS, 10 PS and 9 PS are all available with both round shank, perfect for used with kiln stripping, and a traditional multipurpose hexagonal shank.

Kick is quick

The TEX 09 PS, 10 PS and 12 PS come with either a screw cap retainer or a kick latch retainer. The kick latch is perfect when you need frequent tool changes.

Applications depending on weight class:

  • Light duty chipping and scaling work
  • Renovation and conversation work
  • Demolition
  • Kiln stripping


  • Fully canopy vibro-reduction (TEX 05,09 and 12)
  • Noise-reduction
  • SOFTSTART™ two-step trigger
  • HAPS™ Hand and Arm Protection System
  • Air cushioned piston (TEX 05, 09 and 12)
  • Easy handling and positioning
  • Model – TEX 09PE/PER
  • Weight –10.5 kg
  • Length – 560 mm
  • Air consumption – 17 L/sec
  • Impact rate – 1800 blows/min
  • Vibration level 3 axes (ISO 28927-10) – 4.2 m/s²
  • Sound power level guaranteed (2000/14/EC) – 105 Lw, dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level (ISO 11203) – 93 Lp, r=1m
  • Tool retainer – latch
  • Shank size HEX – 22×82.5 mm
  • Shank size round shank – 25×75 mm

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