Atlas Copco BBD15ET

The ergonomic designed BBD 15E/ET provide optimum operational safety and productivity. These low maintenance drills high-impact energy in relation to weight and ergonomic features that improve operator comfort.
The BBD 15E/ET are equipped with spring dampened handles and high effective silencers. The result is the reduction in vibration levels transmitted to the operator’s hands by more than 75% and reduction of low-frequency noise levels by 7 dB, or more than 50%. Operator fatigue is minimised, raising productivity.
The lighter BBD 15E/ET has a ratchet-wheel rotation, with faster rotation and higher impact frequency, for drilling from soft to medium-hard rock. The BBD 15E/ET is designed for concrete drilling , drilling for smooth blasting and beam drilling all of which require a high performance, lightweight, easy to handle drill.

Watch the E

The BBD’s designated E are equipped with HAPS, Hand Arm Protection System. The vibration reduction let¹s you work longer hours without risking health.

Watch the T

T stands for Trigger, which gives you better start and control during the operation. It’s excellent for gas companies’ pipe service maintenance.

  • Model – BBD 15E/ET
  • Shank – 22×108 mm
  • Weight –15.5 kg
  • Length – 575 mm
  • Air consumption – 22 L/sec
  • Impact frequency – 42 bps
  • Vibration level – 3.5 m/s²
  • Sound level – 110 dBA

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