Husqvarna TR430

Powerful rear-tine tiller for home and landowners. Highly effective for work on densely packed earth and older lawns. Large wheels with chevron tyres and counter-rotating tines provide superior access and broken up soil. Chain drive on rotors and wheels, plus reverse gear. Handlebar height is adjustable for ergonomic operation.

Two Gears

One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation.

Counter Rotating Tines

Tines rotate anti-clockwise, so the soil is broken up very well. Capable of deep-digging heavy soil or preparing the surface for a seed bed.

Driver Wheels with Chevron Tires

Large wheels with heavy treads for optimised grip.


Increases weight on the wheels and improves balance.
  • Engine Manufacturer – Subaru
  • Engine Type – OHC
  • Transmission Type – Chain / Manual
  • Cultivator Type – Rear Tine
  • No. of tines – 4

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