Husqvarna 327HE3X

A very flexible, professional pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar. The engine serves as a counterweight for the cutter bar and makes the machine exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use. The reach and adjustable cutting bar make it suitable for both tall and low hedges, with our without a ladder or cherry picker. Fitted with our E-TECH® II engine.

Remote Control

The remote control makes it easy to adjust the cutter bar during operation.

Smart Start®

The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.

E-Tech® II

Exhaust emissions are reduced to levels below existing and future requirements without compromising power.

Comfortable Handle

Soft-grip handles for optimum comfort.
  • Cylinder Displacement – 1.5 cu.inch
  • Power Output – 0.9kW
  • Max Speed – 8400 rpm
  • Fuel Tank – 0.5 lt
  • Idling Speed – 2700 rpm

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