Husqvarna 327HE4X

A very flexible, professional pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar and extra long pole. The engine, which serves as a counterweight to the cutter bar, makes the machine exceptionally comfortable and easy to use when cutting taller hedges, without having to use a ladder or cherry picker. Powered by our E-TECH® II engine with reduced exhaust emissions.

Tall Hedges and Ground Cover

Developed for cutting tall hedges and ground cover.

Remote Control

The remote control makes it easy to adjust the cutter bar during operation.

Adjustable Cutter Bar

Adjustable cutting bar for greater versatility and less tiring work.

Rear Impact Guard

The rear-impact guard protects the engine from wear and damage.

E-Tech® II

Exhaust emissions are reduced to levels below existing and future requirements without compromising power.
  • Cylinder Displacement – 1.5 cu.inch
  • Power Output – 0.9kW
  • Max Speed – 8400 rpm
  • Fuel Tank – 0.5 lt
  • Idling Speed – 2700 rpm

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