Wacker Compaction Plate VP1550A 20inch

The vibratory plates of the VP series are very compact devices that are ideal for asphalt compaction, interlocking paving stones and for the compaction of mixed soils in confined spaces. Typical applications are path construction, gardening and landscaping. The combination of the specially designed base plate and the guide handle that is optimized for easy maneuvering make these plates the professionals’ first choice. They can easily be guided around stones and other obstacles as well as along curbstones or buildings. The optionally available wheelset enables the vibratory plates of the VP-series (except VP1030) to be easily moved around construction sites to the location of the next job.
  • Perfect asphalt compaction: The rounded edges of the base plate minimize the formation of undesired edges when turning the equipment.
  • Comfortable soil compaction: The tapered base plate edges to facilitate the compaction on the spot.
  • Solid construction design minimizes maintenance: The protected belt drive prevents wear of the belt.
  • A robust lifting eye and handles on the base allow for easy transportation.
  • Models with and without water tank available.

Base plate

  • Tapered and rounded edges minimize the formation of undesired edges when turning the base plate and provide a smooth surface.
  • Made of wear resistant ductile cast iron for a long service life.
  • First class results in asphalt compaction due to the very high-quality base plate.

Guide handle

  • The forward pivoting handle allows for operations such as upward pulling of the plate when working on a slope.
  • Saving time due to the central mounting of the guide handle the plate can be turned quickly and easily.
  • The bent shape of the guide handle provides stability during lateral operation.


  • Large solid lifting eye for safe lifting
  • Handles on the base of the equipment allow easy transportation.

Paving Pad

  • Time saving: quick and stable mounting without screwing to a base plate.
  • An essential accessory for all pavement applications.
  • Operating weight – 90.8 kg
  • Centrifugal force – 15 kN
  • Base plate size (w x l) – 505 x 596 mm
  • Advance travel – 25 m/min
  • Engine model – Honda GX160
  • Engine type – 4 stroke gasoline engine
  • Engine performance (rated) – 3.1 kW
  • Fuel consumption – 0.8 l/ hour
  • Fuel tank capacity – 3.6 l

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