Yanmar SV08

A whole new class of Slim and Compact Convenience

Here’s the new shape for simple and efficient work in confident spaces.

The SV08-1A is a tenacious worker for narrow-spots such as housing foundations, indoor renovation, pipe laying and landscaping.

Operating Weight +-2%



• 20 km/h Travelling Speed
• 9 rph Swing Speed
• 650/1100 kgf Digging Force
• 180mm Shoe Width
• 130 – 230mm Ground Clearance
• 680/840 x 180mm Blade (Width x Height)


• 10 Liter Fuel Tank
• 2 Liter Cooling System
• Transport Dimensions (L x W x H) 2600 x 840 x 1550mm
• Noise Level 90 dBA

  • Expanding track frame adjusts from 680mm to 900mm to travel through narrow openings and greater operating stability
  • Adjustable dozer blade to match expanded track width
  • One and two way auxillary hydraulic circut, plumbed to the dipper arm, powers a wide range of attachments
  • Planetary final drives give better traction on difficult ground
  • Boom mounted work light for all working conditions
  • Cast Iron wraparound protective counterweight protects the machine and withstands bumps on site – 100% steel built for the toughest sites
  • Lockable tilt-back steel engine cover secures key parts and components
  • For servicing the TB108 key features include; fuel and oil hydraulic gauges and an engine oil Safe Drain System
  • Standard safety features include; adjustable seatbelt, safety lockout lever for travel and operating controls

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