Stop / Go Robosign

This remote controlled STOP/GO system is a a quick simple traffic management solution. It is companct, easy to transport and takes minutes to set up.

Radio Controlled

Only one operator is required to control traffic flow using a hand held radio control unit. This control operates using a single press system activating one or the other of the Stop-Go signs.

Easy to Transport

With base units which weigh 30 kgs each, and detachable sign boards, the RoboSign(p)is compact enough to be carried in small commercial vehicle.

Each base unit has a built-in rechargeable battery providing up to 400 hours of continuous operation on a full charge. The hand held remote control unit has a battery pack which provides up to 100 hours of continuous operation.

The remote control features allows the RoboSign operator to work from a safe distance, out of the direct line of traffic. Where required both signs can display a Stop signal simultaneously to allow site traffic to move freely or in case of an emergency.

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