Tempo Traffic Light (Timer)

The Tempo Timer Traffic Light is a work site traffic light incorporating a display of waiting time.

Countdown Timer

The Tempo Timer Light has a countdown timer showing awaiting traffic and plant traffic alike how long before the next light change in minutes and seconds. The led timer display is visible from a distance of up to 40 meters alerting drivers to the exact waiting time on red or time left on green.

Easily Programmable

This unit has a clear and simple remote control with all of the commands clearly displayed. The Tempo system couldn’t be easier to control allowing site traffic to be coordinated in minimum time.


  • Flashing Orange
  • Stand By
  • Red Only
  • Cycle (Varying Lengths)

Cycle Options Include: Fixed; Uneven Traffic; Free Cycle and Crossroad options

  • Unit protected by polycarbonate surface
  • Alpha-numeric display of 2 x 16 charachters
  • Programming and management controlled by infrared link with remote
  • Painted Steel Case
  • Handles for ease of lifting

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